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life (and not tumblr! Seems to me most people are like "eh DA, I got a tumblr" but not me). I just have things to do. Applying to college (REED COLLEGE I LOVE YOU PLEASE ACCEPT ME) and doing my senior year and all that jazz.


I started this account when I was very alone with myself. Like I had friends but not really, and I needed validation, and I was figuring out my sexuality/who I was/why I was and all that angsty teenage shit. But I've worked through all that and idt I need this place anymore to do it for me. So basically if you want to keep in contact w/me, you can through my twitter (ceeceftw) or my email/facebook (note me if you want it, im not gonna just put it here). Otherwise - thanks to every single one of you for talking to me/being there for me when I really needed it. Be proud of yourselves for helping a person find herself! Yay for self-discovery!!

EDIT: Basically what I'm saying is im going on probly permanent hiatus :c

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United States
ohdamn tho I don't like writing about myself. Um. Hey, I'm Sierra. I'm a junior and I really fucking hate high school and sometimes I pretend that it blows up specially the 100 building since I hate that most. People are mostly horrible and I resent most of them for being successful teenagers. But also everyone who is cool now will come back at our reunion fat and balding and I will be a successful 30 year old and gorgeous with perfect children and a glittering significant other. And that's how I get through High School.
I am obsessed with Glee. and Owls. And choir and American Horror Story. I like pretty things. I don't drive and I don't wear make-up and my nightgown reaches the floor, but I chose these things. I chose to be atheist and liberal. *AND THE BIG CHEESY FINISH!?* I chose to be me.

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happu birthday!
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dude!! long time no talk!
ceeceftw Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
right!! I've been so busy with senior year that I havent been on DA in like. literal months. since summer almost. Whats up with you??
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Hellooooooooo :iconlazywaveplz:

:iconisawitplz: Welcome to the madhouse :crazy:

Here ya go, have a :iconcrazyllamaplz:

Braang Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the points but omg no don't leave :C
do you have an email or something maybe i could use to contact you?????
ceeceftw Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Sure thing! I'll note it to you. I just have, y'know, so much life to get in the way of stuff like this. I need to cut back or I'm gonna drown in school work and college apps and all that stuff.
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thanks for the fav back in January, haha
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thanks so much for the favourite! (:
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Thank you for the Favo^^
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